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Watch the water from the vegetable garden plants and flowers, from the earthworm breeding to sweater design, from wedding planning to running the Journal of Rural ... ... Yesterday, the 2010 "Star Yao Nanhu" Jiaxing City College "Village" Competition in the City Youth Entrepreneurship Project Welcome to reply to this house key field, 22 finalists of the "personality" venture turns "appearance" of professional judges to accept the "ultimate test." After a day of intense competition from Wang Jiang Jing Town Xiuzhou area universities Health "Village" to submit 3 of Wang Ji and other "rural wedding planning" programs come out on top. The students "Village" business project competition, organized by Party Organization Department, City Personnel Bureau, Mission City, City of Agricultural Economics Bureau, the Municipal Rural Cooperative Union hosted an ad hoc committee and jury. This year in August, the competition of university students working for the city " Village official "invitation to encourage young people to have good market prospects and development of operational and investment projects to mainly small and medium business projects. Contest received a total of 74 venture plan, more than 100 participants. Yesterday evening, the contest results were announced, "rural wedding planning" business project won the first prize, Wang Jiang Jing Town Xiuzhou District Changhong village, Wei Qin give the "culture of water plants and flowers" and other three projects won the second prize, Jiashan Town, dry kiln dry kiln Tingting brought the village of "Dandelion vegetable cooperatives" and 6 projects won the third prize. Wedding planning in rural areas the judges shines Right now, the city has become in the wedding market climate, Jiaxing, a small difference between urban and rural areas, rural couples would like to do a unique wedding planning more convenient for whom? Fan Tan Wang Jiang Jing Town, the students "Village" Wang Ji took out a marriage in rural areas Qing-planning book, she and fellow Yu Xiaodong, Luo Moon plans to set up a "happy wedding planning Co., Ltd.", the judges themselves. Ji Wang graduated from Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but engage in planning a soft spot, the University has also directed over the period drama. Presentation of the project, Wang Ji said that they engaged in rural wedding is the "opportune", as married people Celebrate the acceptance of more and more, many rural young people with this demand. "I know before, Wang Jiang Jing Town, marriage customs in rural areas particularly rich, cultural performances Tingduo team, the local consumption is relatively high, with Wedding traditions and customs of the rural people should be able to be welcomed. "Wang Ji said. "My idea can be imitated, but not necessarily be beyond." Although the wedding has not really been engaged in business, but Wang Ji for their confidence in the team. Last year she got married, to burst a lot of whimsy, such as the use of agricultural Used car dowry, soil was very interesting. Friends getting married in October of this year, she designed a set of wedding, the groom riding wedding, drums, weddings, etc. are indispensable. The wedding over the past half a month, the villagers also This relish. Married a season off-season, Wang Ji to this "company" defined as the dissemination of traditional rural culture of the rural-based wedding planning, major companies concurrently opened the festival planning party planning company, which is also the wedding season Worry about nothing can be done. "Engaged in low-cost wedding, we are also able to get up these young people." "Nengwennengwu" both the magazine and grape varieties From the University this "ivory tower" jumping into the vast rural areas, so many years of grass-roots training students "Village" warriors "Nengwennengwu" the ability, both written text to do the planning, but also Shimoda head into the orchard. Reporter The scene learned from yesterday's game, the 22 defense in the short-listed projects, 15 projects and agriculture are closely related, there are many projects out of the land, and the network, such as directly linked to creative industries. Wan Pu Youchegang Town of students house "village officials" Ding Sicheng venture involving both short-listed two games, one is the "small village official Vineyard" is a "" small village official "magazine." This year is Ding Sicheng as "Village "The third year, two years ago, she Xiuzhou District in support of the Organization Department, with a 10-college students" Village, "a team established a" small village official "magazine, quarterly Chukan, Now each is printed in more than 1000, loaded with free subscription to the provinces and cities including Chongqing, including college students, "village officials" and other groups. "Village soon, and I on the initiation of the work and life experience to write out the exchange of ideas with peers, magazines came out, the surrounding students 'village officials' who have a resonance, we circulated to each other. Later readers increasingly Larger, and even some of the provinces 'village officials' and the charge of the department gave us a phone call like that. "Dingsi Cheng said," Through this contest, we want to go to better implement the project, hoping to separate by Camp. " Pu Wan economic cooperatives as a family member, Ding Sicheng independent "small village official vineyard" has been more than a year, but also registered a "small village official home" trademark. In "Tu Zhuanjia" under the guidance of experienced trial 5 acres Field testing of "chipping away", she built last year in the second half of the vineyard area of 10 acres. Finally, Ding Sicheng "small village official Vineyard" project Competition Award.
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