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Crazy marketing network in Shanghai long marriage wedding hunters buy 3 fold
488 yuan personalized photo free experience, the wedding original price 5,180 yuan 2,088 yuan, more than seven thousand of platinum and diamond ring a long time married couples enjoy spending card members price 3190 yuan ... ... Recently, in order to attract more customers, the first portal in China a long time married married married to Nets in China launched its first consumer card again after the wedding industry combined well-known businessmen in Shanghai jointly launched the "berserk group" activities, ongoing from November 9 to 16 buy offers were all between 3-5 fold, in the past has a similar buy, and other promotional activities through price concessions to stimulate new spending, but like this year's low discount price is rare. In previous years, in May and October is the wedding season, but this year because of World Expo Shanghai, many couples will be dragged on the wedding. In order to catch up with the "Expo marriage" the last train, a lot of couples choose to marry in November, in November became Shanghai's "golden wedding month", which led to the wedding industry is intense competition among businesses is absolutely no less than the traditional wedding season . According to Shanghai to participate in the activities of a well-known studio head said that the original price of more than 10,000 of them will be wedding in series to more than 3,000 sold, also to be able to marry the couple off-season to attract more attention. The face of indiscriminate bombing of the promotional business, a lot of new people will be lost, and is likely to be attracted to the strong temptation to lose the rational consumer. Well-known wedding expert, CEO Liang Changhai married a long time to remind couples, in front of the crazy promotion must maintain a clear, correct and assess the quality of consumer protection measures are complete. Special reporter has learned that the "berserk group" activities and other activities, buy buy the biggest difference is that participation is a long time businesses are spending card merchants get married, buy the couple a long time consumer behavior will be directly affected by the network security of marriage . Meanwhile, consumer card holder married a long time to participate in the activities and merchants to reach the order can be based on the Tuangou Jia is reduced again to enjoy the benefits, should the business fail to implement the pledges will be Xianxingpeifu net long marriage to protect the interests of consumers.
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