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Tried it the "two prawns" wedding into a "Shrimp head"
Happy wedding held for his son, of which one pair of small shrimp flavor "change" allows the public to Ms. Cao Shijiazhuang quite accurate. "Before the test meal when the two-flavor shrimp on the shrimp with salt and pepper fried itself, and they are all on the wedding prawn head!" She found the hotel is responsible for personnel, were told only approach has changed, the absolute number of components. And Ms. Cao, and are not satisfied with this statement, and call the 12315. Customer: dishes changed appearance was injured face 21 this month, the public is the son of Ms. Cao Road in Shijiazhuang City Street intersection with the coal held in a hotel wedding. In order to ensure a rich and delicious cuisine, she sure dishes per table, after deliberately held in a few days before wedding, called on several friends and family try to eat in advance. "It was the two-flavor salt and pepper, and boiled shrimp were divided into two flavor, there are shrimp body, comes with seasoning." Ms. Cao remember very clearly, "Chiba are all very satisfied." Ms. Cao then the hotel hand in hand, marriage Follow these dinner dishes when serving. However, 21 wedding day, Ms. Cao find that each table in the two-flavor salt and pepper shrimp, shrimp, only the head of the prawn, no shrimp body. At first she thought everyone had put the body to eat shrimp, shrimp head the rest of the. Can finish, she asked a lot of friends to participate in the wedding party, and everyone said the two served in the taste of shrimp, pepper shrimp do only head of the prawn, no shrimp body. "When the test meal with salt and pepper shrimp body clearly, how the table full of shrimp head of the wedding! But no one told me beforehand dishes change!" Ms. Cao grew more and more angry, she felt must be the hotel in order to save costs and cut corners to do the hands and feet, "is inconsistent with the previous agreement of the dishes, was in the consumer fraud!" Gengrang Ms. Cao sad is that many customers are not interested in prawn heads of salt and pepper, this dish left a lot. "Some people will certainly talk secretly quality of the dishes are not high, that we are stingy, and I feel very humiliated." Hotel: practices have changed no less weight Ms. Cao Ping Jingli found responsible for the wedding catering, but the results of the consultation made her more angry. "The other side refuses to admit that the dish did just that." Ms. Cao wanted to obtain some compensation, but the other did not notice any sentence apology said. November 28 afternoon, the reporter contacted the Fengjing Li. Fengjing Li introduced two-flavor shrimp, each about seven or two before practice with the Sichuan, half boiled (salt boiled), fried salt and pepper half, then found the local people not used to, because if the tail is not easy fried tasty to change body for the boiled shrimp, fried shrimp head with salt and pepper, is the capital of many restaurants do. "Absolutely no weight change, but the practice changed." Fengjing Li said, "change the practices do not inform consumers, indeed is our right, but Ms. Cao's claim we can not promise the request." It is understood that Ms. Cao has had 12,315 complaints, "said the nine staff members will give me an answer within days." Ms. Cao said.
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