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Wedding "sign" is very funny
November 13, Jordan Chan, and children should be adopted in Hong Kong completed marriage. It is said that the hands-organized mainly by the bride's wedding took thought. Funny that the artists love to shoot full spirit come first N sets of Funny wedding photos, wedding after the still photos of their own background to make a lot of boards and funny "signs." Shanghai is also heard that the wedding couples become increasingly creative, and two new very happy to "application" filing their personal photos, and PK with everyone about the wedding of whimsy. Because there is a local marriage customs, wedding before, I arranged mahjong, guests can freely mix mob playing mahjong. So this giant sign to play an important guiding role. Told the guests, the place where to play mahjong. It is said that all the movements and ideas come from the bride, children should be adopted trick Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan Chan of course, adopted piecemeal measures, see the two men, a bundle of action to co-ordinate Duomo Qi. Uniform Ye Hao, sea striped shirt worth mentioning that these pictures of clothing, and a variety of props: such as badges, running shoes, quotations are from the Amoy to the Internet. They prepared the DIY thing with the shed to the photographer, and then began Funny. You can also use your wedding photos so Although Love Funny, but also some of the official wedding photographs, after all, this group photo was taken in Mauritius, Jordan Chan stern, the bride with a little smile. All the bride's wedding dress advanced customization, according to the bride "dream" of requirements. Why take a magnifying glass, the couple said: "Because the media see us, that will use a magnifying glass, ah." Both of these ideas are, fortunately, we first look at self-amplified so that you fill, "and then come on you guys to stay out of their personal space for our friends."
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