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Bridal chamber decorates regret and note 1

1, I also compared very long period of time on coating. Chose finally happy event add lacquer. It is conduct propaganda go up very environmental protection. 2 it is Canadian working still is medium lift in compasses, the unscrupulous merchant unlike China is too much. 3 it is to want one bottom one side to contrast economy only. I realise what lacquer is actually pretty good now. Happy event add or Great Master one bottom one side even if light color is in my painter is not built in the eye, brushed actively the 2nd times (I buy painting, the pay is fixed) hind no matter be of colour and lustre,uniformity mixes degrees the light of metope is whole big different. I believe the Great Master is added in Canada in the United States or happy event should be to publicize one bottom double. And domestic conduct propaganda just lets buy the home to feel to not expensive feeling just stops. And the Yixi function of these two lacquer not up to much. Two my friends are to decorate a boss, what use in their home is prevailing Li Bangyong beautiful. Blew two days to did not taste.
2, buy metope paint must buy small specimen page shallow color. Color can appear deep after the area became large.
3, if have,fill later the metope that come out, must look to whether be with original wall on same plane, I am discover to the ability when brushing wall paint to hold the line that play a base, knock off comes again; The line that play a base is done with real wood, do not use what density board + sticks face plate, very sodden;
4, you a quadratic problem, occasionally the home also is touched went up, hind the hole of the water heater of the balcony, should from in outward and gadarene a bit more inclined, occasionally of the home be like peace and tranquility, the dip of wall water supply of the balcony after the result must be roused. The person of water heater is helped now be down the block up below smoke evacuation base occasionally inclined, circumstance a lot of
5, still have the worker had better make strike the wall of place and ground before decorate, listen empty, especially crannied place, had better fill, I sufferred
6, listened to construction group, opened an inclined air conditioning hole, wear in office of two walls corner namely go out, the result cannot install jacket, malformation died
7, painter hits dirt child before, how does the metope of wool embryo room want to handle? ? Whether should go to original Bai Qiang grey, whitewash again after burnish? Who has the experience of this respect and lesson? ? ? ? —— wants a wall burnish, shovel original wall skin / / wool embryo room still has Bai Qiang how, if not be the wool embryo of cement is about,painter shovels lime wall, need not burnish, blow unfilial son again
8, PVC plays horny line is product of sudden huge profits, look for manufacturer to do directly, it is a lot of cheaper to although be taken impossibly according to trade price,also be met. The white line that play a base matchs Bai Qiang's word, aperture is very good processing, I wipe those who go up to be solved with white silica gel.
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