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Bridal chamber decorates regret and note 2

Report is transformed

1, end of take cover engineering must call a worker to give cop to pursue immediately, I call a worker to be on the wall when decorating swift end burrow, because that hole leaves socket closer, that worker says to dare be not hit, was afraid of an electrical wiring to interrupt, I am strange: Is the line of your cloth? Where is the line not to decide, how does that your cop figure exceed? He answers me unexpectedly: "This thing, estimate appraise to drew a picture to go! " give me really listen foolish!
2, furnished still the electrical outlet from the back. If outfit became tall, each electrical outlet is shown outside, use rise very convenient, can look so not beautiful; If hide at the back of furniture, insert unplug no-go for the moment does not say, the outlet of a lot of electric equipment is very long, make your furniture must have a paragraph of space from the wall, take up namely space, behind accumulate ash easily again. I think best method is the furniture of the backboard after the place that has socket uses the sort of doing not have, such with respect to two respects give attention to two or morethings.
3, air conditioning, DVD machine do not unplug plug is in bide one's time the DD of condition had better contain the electrical outlet of switch face plate, because bide one's time,the report of a bad news connects electric the outside and the inside to read in general do not come out, but time-sharing ammeter can numerate come.
4, air conditioning electrical outlet should rely on wall outfit in the length that air conditioning allows, the bovine nose that there can be one end length to grow after otherwise air conditioning is installed is shown outside, though can use false greenery screen ugly but what blame quite is not quite good-looking
5, the platoon way that worker of the requirement when take cover engineering ends provides clue of water and electricity (include to leave wall, area how many CM) is written down in detail, so that install cabinet in the future, when defending hardware need not of be nervous (install closestool today, the master arrives with may be being hit for conduit screw is hit very shallowly, I wish won't have problem) ;
6, electrical wiring is in charge of and a trend must be drawn on paper after the platoon of conduit is good, when installing what thing to won't hit a wall later otherwise, come up against
7, can consider to use install the metallic electrical outlet in the ground, this kind of electrical outlet is very noble 100 much, but quite convenient, make the same score together with the ground at ordinary times, the foot walks to be able to play socket. Suit big sitting room. Or how be of dining room table below, with will insert chaffy dish (when preventing to ambulate back and forth, hang use wire)
8, an electrical outlet can take below cabinet table basin, use install small hutch treasure or enter the water rubbish processor. I cannot think of this place, had done not have method to change now. The place that cuts course can bring a little light. I also did not have a law to change.
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