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Care wood floor should notice 6 item

1. Ventilated and dry

After aggrandizement wood floor is installed, should connect airing dry 24 hours, wait for sizy solidify rear can use.

2. Daily cleanness

Can use cleaner or the mop that work with twisting, wet cloth, install directional graze floor board along the shop. The wet cloth that does not use a water or machine of vapour type cleanness, avoid by all means is rinsed with water, also do not use stoving implement.

3. Cleaner

When besmirch of cleared floor surface, do not use laminating cleaner or contain arenaceous cleaner, and careful chemically cleaner. Do not beat, bump, score floor, or polishing agent, sand paper is used on the floor, lest exterior wear-resisting layer is accident,be damaged. On the floor if be aspersed carelessly,sail upstream or all sorts of liquids, answer to be wiped as soon as possible.

4. Prevent moisture

When going out, should notice to shut water, close a window, lest suffer leach, drench accidentally.

5. Humidity control

Indoor humidity under or achieve 40% when, should adopt impose wet measure. Indoor humidity is achieved 100% when, should ventilated platoon is wet.

6. Preventive measure

Foot of desk and chair is best mount felt pan, walk type office chair should install soft to go annulus. Heavier furniture does not want to be put centrally, and when the shift on the floor, answer to raise furniture, do not go up in the floor directly push-pull.

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