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The summer decorates trade much detail to cannot be ignored

The people that has decorated a building in the summer may discover, after been decorate, ceramic tile can appear to fall off in the home, carpentry is out of shape, paint becomes angry wait for a phenomenon. Investigate its reason, because exorbitant and summertime temperature is too dry,basically be, rainwater is overmuch and too damp.

So, how can you just avoid these problems appear? Each detail in wanting to note construction procedure is decorated in the summer, specific have the following sides:

  Bricklaying kind make ceramic tile much " drink water "

Summer, as a result of material than common more dry, wait for the data that needs classics bubble water treatment to floor tile, ceramic tile so, want to extend the time of bubble water treatment, made moisture approachs saturated state. Such, won't go out to be stuck now when receiving because ceramic tile is dry and from the bibulous circumstance in cement, happen to be stuck with cement thereby receive not firm, occurrence air strike, fall off phenomenon, bring a few needless troubles to the client.

   Electrical engineering kind prevent short circuit of electrical wiring be affected with damp be affected with damp

The electric project in decorating a project is Chongzhongzhi heavy, it matters to the person's life and belongings safety. When the summer is decorated, should notice the standardization that operates to circuit construction more, wait to be drenched easily by rain in the balcony especially wet place, must make the copper that is shown outside electrical wiring thrum had been wrapped, in order to prevent the short circuit after electrical wiring be affected with damp be affected with damp. Be in to surrounding the electrical wiring all round the wooden keel of be affected with damp be affected with damp, joinery, should notice this more, once inadvertent, cause fire very likely.

  Oil is versed in kind of foundation construction is very crucial

The summer brushs oil, metope coating appears easily float Huang Ji falls off, paint appears easily extensive reachs the phenomenon such as a bleb in vain, these appearances are caused alternately with high humidity. Ms. Liu thinks this asks to go up to make great efforts more in construction details and foundation.

When metope basic level is handled, can will common be bored with child change waterproof be bored with child, make cohere firmer between coating and basic level, fall off not easily, the metope flood that because moisture is brought about,still can prevent at the same time is yellow. Additional, the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am that blow be bored with wants what the attention blows to all over number and dry time. General need 1, 3, meantime works normally appear time to be 1, 2 days. But be bored with is blown in day of overcast and rainy the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, application does cloth to wipe metope lunt clean, with maintaining metope as far as possible dry. The actual condition according to weather still answers in the meantime, lengthen be bored with as far as possible child parched time, general with 2, 3 days advisable. Additional, go up be bored with child it is a project that needs to have dry process, be bored with child not dry after appearing can immediate impact to arrive, the besmear of coating is brushed, also need to notice when planning time limit for a project so, do not plan this project too after leaning, make this project undertakes curtly to grab time limit for a project, future trouble is boundless.
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