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The bed of newly-married bridal chamber is put

The lover becomes spouses eventually, this is life an important matter, also be arrive by the sky the world, the continuance of human life, this is the big happy event of world world.
Person and person of one mind walk along the those end of red felt jointly, build a warm new home, the bridal chamber in the home passes the design of spirit and physical strength, solid it is each quiet to the spouse's heart place. Of new bed put a lot of more exquisite.

The bed of bridal chamber, bai Hu just cannot coerce, send husband and wife to become estranged (the gentleman has popularity relatively) .

The bed of bridal chamber, fluky pressing tiger square, send estrangement of husband and wife.

The head of a bed of bridal chamber two side, cannot Xiang Weiyu's door, the body is owed how.

Before the bed of bridal chamber cannot Xiang Weiyu's door, newly-married body is disturbed, next unripe angina, abdomens when the pit of the stomach enrage the disease of hard pass the time in a leisurely way quite.

The television cannot be put to rushing before the bed of bridal chamber, beware cranial nerve is feeble.

The left and right sides is reached before the bed of bridal chamber, had better not take big looking glass, talking around is much.

On the ark of the head of a bed of bridal chamber, never put acoustics, lest cause cranial nerve feeble or the calamity of talking around.

The upper part of the head of a bed of bridal chamber, newly-married big picture had better not pensile, oppressive feeling is overweight, make nightmare is born when husband and wife (produce the dream that leaves other) .

The pillow of the head of a bed of bridal chamber two side, cannot be rushed to shoot by ark horn or cabinet horn, desk, dresser, make easily person migraine.

The flank of bed foot ministry of bridal chamber, cannot be opposite bathroom door, meeting foot ache.

The Qing Longfang of bridal chamber bed relies on wall closely or close wall is optimal, yi Shengnan (Long Weigui)

Bridal chamber bed cannot press bridge, if the ceiling has decorate criterion just as well.

Bridal chamber bed does not rely on to be by the side of French window, sunshine too intense, husband and wife is installed hard.

The wall map inside bridal chamber decorates do one's best simple, decorous, artistic photograph, wall map also decreases as far as possible.

White tiger of bridal chamber bed just cannot have sound, of talking around contend for much (person of the injury that hurt man) .

Both sides of head of bridal chamber bed never develops the door, make popular feeling feeling easily uneasy, have a headache not to heal.

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