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If love to celebrate celebration appearance to engineer an orgnaization
If love to celebrate celebration appearance to engineer an orgnaization to have,undertake the actual strength of all sorts of large celebration activities and performance of of all kinds trade and experience, but the characteristic according to your enterprise, plan lay off has the content of personalized celebration show of your enterprise characteristic. In the meantime, the bridal one continuous line that also rolled out fashionable individual character to be about to enter the people of a new type of newly-married hall serves, plan lay off does not provide the bridal form of characteristic, make the wedding in the dream that belongs to oneself for you!

2008, if love to celebrate celebration appearance to engineer an orgnaization to be in Ningxia head home to roll out “ ,wonderful short message interacts platform ” ! Brand-new mobile phone is interactive the theme is bridal, each your bridal guest can participate in happen to letting light, the sweetness that enjoys you and joyance! The wedding that lets you is more perfect, fashionable and chic, warmth is touching!

One, the service item that we offer for you has:

1, marriage celebrate a service: Field of compere, cameraman, cameraman, marriage is decorated, festooned vehicle is dressed up, the bride makes up and plan of bridal whole journey.

2, celebration serves: Plan, undertake practice celebration, lay a foundation, open quotation, factory is celebrated, inn is celebrated, the celebration of of all kinds commerce such as anniversary of the founding of a school.

3, literary evening party: Plan, undertake party of sales promotion of evening party of the bender that enrol business, pass the summer in a leisurely way, product, the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, client acknowledges group of meeting, industry visits, the of all kinds evening party such as evening party of christmas evening party, Spring Festival.

4, celebration equipment: Arena, lighting, acoustics, setting is made, arch, pillar, sky waves, the equipment of of all kinds celebration such as things of beautiful firework of banner, scroll, gun salute, colour, cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.

5, entertainer: Band of compere, singer, dance, electroacoustic band, acrobatics, magic, suddenly turn hostile, trick-cycling, instrumental music kind, model, formal wait.

2, the bridal short message that Ningxia head home rolls out is interactive platform, make brand-new mobile telephone interactive theme is bridal:

If love to celebrate celebration appearance to engineer an orgnaization to use advanced mobile communication technology, the interconnection each other that realizes GSM and computer is connected, use date of common mobile phone to serve number as platform, the beatific output that sends mobile phone short message arrives on big screen monitor.

1, the short message sends a blessing: The scroll of big screen whole journey of bridal spot displays beatific short message, no matter be the family colleague in celebration spot, still be in different ground personally close friends, can pass a short message to send newlywed person in time the blessing before. Beatific short message is extemporaneous creation, have feel and send.
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