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Then the way the bride wedding wedding car rear-end tire companies only pay 800
Chen Fushan, a few days before marriage, rented a professional wedding companies wedding car. Who knows, the way the bride wedding car then rear-end first place, and then puncture, delayed more than four hours. Later, Mr. Chen will serve the wedding company has complained to the ill-business sector. He is married Oct. 26. He was a professional wedding company in Fushan District spending a million dollars, hire a car as a wedding car longer to prepare 26 early in the morning to pick up the bride. Never expected that, due to careless drivers, and other cars actually happened the way rear-end accident. Buyiburao the other driver, not looking for traffic police report. Groom consider If the traffic police over the handling incidents will inevitably delay the timing of marriage, the wedding company was required to compounding with each other quickly. However, companies do not pay for the wedding, the groom no choice but to pay 2,000 yuan. Misfortunes never come singly, did not go far a car has a puncture, the car has no spare tire and tools for any repairs, the groom and his own money to spend 1,200 yuan to find someone to repair tires. Ins and Outs of a total of more than four hours delayed. He is the wedding is extremely dissatisfied with the services provided, demand the return of their pay instead of 3200 yuan, and for damages. The company to delay the wedding did not return, Chen had to help Fukuyama Trade and Industry Branch. Received complaints, the Fushan Branch Trade and Industry invited the staff to immediately consult both parties. Chen facts of the claim for the wedding itself, the company had no objection to its requirements only compounding the issue is quite critical of rear-end damages. Repeated efforts by the business staff, the two sides eventually compromised on the mediation agreement signed: the wedding company to compensate Chen 4,000 yuan, including the wedding car en route rear-end damages, tire fees, maintenance fees and crossing the road, both sides expressed consent.
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