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Marry when schedule order

1.Hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to an ancestor

Before the man goes out, zu Qiufu of hold a memorial ceremony for, beg bless.

2.Go out greet close

Brotherly group had better be 6, 10, 12 factitious Zhui.

3.Open door

When ceremony car arrives, open door by the woman's little brother or nephew
The ceremony answers to little boy red bag when bridegroom gets off.

4.Open the door benefit is

Bridegroom and woman parent meet say hello to, like that after holds beautiful market bride in both hands.
At this moment [the sister is round] can think method makes fun of bridegroom
Bridegroom needs behead of pass a barrier to be able to enter ability bridal room.

5.Drink tea to bring up a ceremony

Before going out, new personality wants to go up sweet hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor, respect tea to kowtow to parents do obeisance to.

6.Go out

Big Jin elder sister or woman father hold red umbrella to protecting the car on the bride.

7.Scatter rice

Bridal car actuate before long hind, woman parent should reach rice, rice husk clear water after one bowl is scattered in the car
Wish daughter have ample food and clothing, rong Hua of riches and honour.

8.Greet a bride

When ceremony car reachs bridegroom home, also open the door by a child greet a bride. After the bride gets off, answer send red package.

9.Cross brazier

After the bride enters the hall, want to cross brazier, mean purify all evil influence.

10.Respect tea

[Daughter-in-law tea] , the bride respects tea to give the man the parent, meaning be about to she counts the one member in the home.

11.Ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for

New personality hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor hind, can enter bridal chamber.

Success! ! Happy attend wedding breakfast!

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