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Elementary introduction of marriage give up
It is bridal leading role already to new personality, become place of look central issue surely oneself. Dimple happily in you, bright beautiful besides formal attire, match Dai Yi again some twinkle pleasing to the eye gem headgear, more can your distinctive temperament mixes coruscate expression.

Appearance respect, common can divide for the circle (Roundbrilliant) , elliptical (Oval) , Lan sharp contrast (Marquise) , heart form (Heart) , rectangle (Emerald) with pear form (Pear) .

In addition, different gem headgear, also have its distinctive indicative sense:

Gem sort is indicative meaning

Diamond eternity is changeless

Ruby enthusiasm

Sapphirine is decorous and temperamental

Beryl is known as lapidary king, indicative fortune

Pearl nobility

Jade article avoids unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease

Gold acts the role of affection to compare Jin Jian

Silver acts the role of affection to compare Jin Jian

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