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Common of earthy home marriage

No matter be little Xiaoxiang love, green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, the marriage that free love combines, still be ” of alleged “ formal wedding is allied, the Tujia nationality formed a kind of usual practice that does not become article stage by stage on marriage common, should ask  of go-between act as a matchmaker to propose namely the  ,  that make a part sends the betrothal gift  ,  that denounce age to ask the woman gives birth to  of period  , betrothal to beg the woman to put  of word allow marriage, greet close, answer the various program such as the door. Have in the clue of bridal respect having a unique style cry marry, over- ceremony, open face, Dai Hua bride of wine, back, greet close, do obeisance to hall, sit bed, make a room, answer the door to wait, its model link is to cry marry, sit bed, answer the door. Withhold and revealed the otherness of wedding of the Tujia nationality and other nation.

Before marriage January or half moon, the girl is about to cry marry. “ song funeral cries marry ” is the ethical custom with distinctive the Tujia nationality. “ cries marry ” begins is of the previous night cries, later is the same night cries, the elder of sororal a woman and her brother's wife of be on intimate terms of whole stockaded village wants take turns to accompany cry, the edge cries to sing “ to cry by the side of marry song ” , plaintive, if be fond of,be like Bei, bei happy event blends, content is rich, feeling is strong. Cry marry there is “ to cry in the song parental ” , “ cries ” of song elder brother's wife, “ cries sororal ” , “ cries Dai Hua ” , “ cries litter ” , “ cries go-between ” , “ cries demit ancestor ” . Course generation acting woman is oral creation, abound treatment ceaselessly, some content finalize the design gradually, form the lyric elegy of long poem structure, artistic conception is mournful and bleak, language brachylogy guileless, be full of full-bodied clime flavour, changqiao is applied cleverly than promoting, homonymous, personification, repeatedly, the rhetorical gimmick such as comparative, hyperbole, have very powerful affinity to the people and literary sex.

Wedding day comes, the man sends a person to send clothing to the bride, headgear, cloth and wait to wine of farther-in-law mother home, flesh and even salt, tea, rice, beans, call “ to cross ceremony ” . Cross a ceremony to want to be in god of woman penates niche before hold ceremoniously, should display on the nether world that gives woman ancestor 3 generation is sealed, ignite joss sticks and candles, discreet its thing ground puts its gift go up in the desk before shrine, present gift detailed list to woman better.

The “ that getting married is the woman before today spends round wine ” , take the idea of ” of “ perfect conjugal bliss, wish woman marriage happiness is perfect. This day, woman home will be all dotal place, wipe up, rat-tat is plunged into get ready. Relatives and friends people will congratulate, serve gift, undertake dressing up to the bride at the same time, “ opens ” of facial ” , “ above ” , “ Dai Hua. “ opens facial ” to want to ask mother of aunt, aunt or elder brother's wife to undertake operating, with grey line the bag racks the fine hair on the human body on the forehead, wring show hair time, if bend new moon,wring brow, hair braid pulls ” of hair worn in a bun or coil of “ cake cake, circle on red string for binding a plait, insert on Yin Biezan, take silver-colored jewelry, the head wraps black hair handkerchief, the hand wears silver-colored bracelet child, silver-colored give up child, with the girl photograph comparing is like two different people. Cry marry the “ in the song cries libretto of Dai Hua ” is:
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