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The spousal of Chinese tradition
1, man of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for is in go out before marrying a bride, first hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to an ancestor.

2, set out greet close motorcade to be beautiful with even numbers.

3, light prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to receive train of close ceremony car during transit, answer to set off firecracker to congratulate in order to show all the way.

4, when awaiting bridegroom ceremony car to reach woman home, can have one male child serve holds tea tray to await bridegroom, after bridegroom gets off, should admire boy red bag to answer ceremony, reentrance woman home.

5, denounce happy bridegroom to should be held married bride is waited for in holding a flower in both hands to give a room, right now, the cater-cousin in bridal boudoir should block bridegroom, forbid its to see a bride, the woman can put forward a condition to want bridegroom to agree, the ability after passing must be entered.

6, on new personality of take leave of sweet hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor, the bride should knock at the maternity that do obeisance to father to fasten, build above gauze by father, and bridegroom bows only salute can.

7, go out the bride answers to hold bamboo sieve or black umbrella to protect its to go to ceremony car by elder member of family of woman of Fu Gaode admirable, because new a form of address for one's wife is in,marry than who the position that day is large, because this is not gotten,contend for with the day big.

8, ceremony car is in on the bride after ceremony car, car actuate before long, woman parent should scatter a bowl of clear water, rice after the car, representing a daughter already was to sprinkle the water that go out, the following everything also does not grant again bother about, wish a daughter at every turn has, have eat have wear.

9, after casting fan ceremony car starts, the bride should lose fan the window outside, mean does not go to bad strength belt to husband's family, fan is picked up by bridal brother time, cast must cry a few times after fan, and ” is sifted to flourish in order to symbolize in the bamboo of rear cover “ of ceremony car.

10, in the way that lights prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to reach man home by woman home, want to set off gun salute all the way likewise.

11, feel orange to see the New Year in when motorcade reachs bridegroom home, the child that is taking orange or apple by will meet newlywed person, the bride should feel orange gently, give red bag to answer ceremony. These two orange should be put to in the evening, let a bride decorticate personally, mean draws on “ macrobian ” .

12, when pulling bridal bride to be walked out of by ceremony car, should by the man a blessed elder holds bamboo to sift a top to be on bridal head, help a bride up to enter the hall. When taking the door, new personality cannot step on a doorsill absolutely, and should over or across goes.
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