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Perfect and bridal spot 6 wonderful instants

Film a good bridal spot kinescope (take a picture) need an attention are there those sides?

Communicate with cameraman ahead of schedule. After visitting site, cameraman can stand to yours give out a few proposals.

Had better let cameraman be familiar with major guest ahead of schedule, if be not done, should arrange to photograph at least like assistant, point out a key at any time.

The rhythm before celebration wants to be accelerated as far as possible, best air gives right-and-left time 1 hour, will undertake the group photo before celebration, inform relevant personnel is punctual arrive.

Bridal smile maintains at any time in undertaking, should by inside and outside send out glamour, think oneself are best, the most marvellous, such smile talent are natural. Best before be in the home to specular much drilling a few.

Welcome guest

This is you give visitor people the first impression, appearance of this time station is attached most importance to especially should. Above all, want natural and erect back, 8 ” of mutual conscious mosaic “ glyph, back wants up extend, the head, hip and calcaneal become linear, such, can give a person mental sense. Bridal station arranges 15 centimeters of place after leaning beside bridegroom, the right hand carries on the arm the left ancon of bridegroom, the front takes a picture the effect is best.

No matter appearance of this kind of station is to greet visitor, pat souvenir to illuminate or should maintain.

Enter ceremony

Enter the ceremony also is a part with quite main wedding, because some new personality are unaccustomed wear gauze of marriage pulling the land and high-heeled shoes, possible meeting steps on skirt, occurrence accident circumstance. Above all, unfavorable choice grows formal attire too; The 2nd, should learn to walk correctly pose: Playing skirt side gently with tiptoe, thenar graze ground, slowly forward. The bride can not lower his head, look should orthoptic from beginning to end ahead, such is helpful for that film.


The kiss of bridal ceremonially has divine sense, 2 people should be behaved nature, liberally. When undertaking oath to kiss, need avoids be affectedly bashful, affectation, such meetings give guest and cameraman factitious sense. Correct pose should be the arm that bridegroom holds a bride gently, another hand hugs her waist, bridal face wants in a way to raise, stand by with very natural stance, must not appear the embarrassed look that outstanding lip kisses.

Champagne tower

When pouring champagne tower, bridegroom, bride the one before one station after better, handholding bottleneck of bridegroom left hand is in, the right hand holds bottom in the palm, bridal hand is put as the hand of bridegroom. The one before one station law after, need the place of the one person after the body of that person general before the stage is complex, such ability take two people.
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