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Suit foundation class
Will tell from style angle, the suit can divide it is 3 kinds: Beautiful type suit, Europe type suit and flower type suit.
Beautiful type suit is concise and lively, line is flat, this results from American to go after nature and shoulder flat. Shoulder pad of beautiful type suit is so thinner, the exterior more square, predecessor level off is handsome, buckle for odd platoon commonly; Central line sheet opens vent in the sides of a garment after. Pants installs the waist not to have to fold, the bottom of a trouser leg does not have flange.
If you are bodily form of ” of fellow of alleged “ spirit, brawny and handsome, might as well choose this, certain quite handsome!
Europe type business suit compares “ ” , big wide shoulder pad, small the lap that close, cooperate double platoon to smash gun refute head, form“Modelling of V ” word, absolutely man flavour, suit the male of chunk head. The back of a person is more double open vent in the sides of a garment. Pants contains to fold, without flange, the style is dovish.
Before a few years, this kind of design is popular temporarily. Nevertheless, uptodate if charge for the making of sth. and detail do not observe and study,wear this kind of suit, the word that as it happens is ” of “ water marl, meet laborer be regardinged as certainly.
Lukewarm Wen Erya of flower type suit, delicate fastidious. Line accords with human body curve, have in the waist receive an amount, the front part of a Chinese robe or jacket is buckled for odd platoon more, the back of a person double open vent in the sides of a garment. Pants outfit has plait to have flange again already.
Making this kind of suit is to be able to let tailor have a headache one time greatly commonly, can be this suit last year is popular very, down to full street is to breathe out the ” of “ fart shade of fan.
Say predecessor to say the back of a person, drive the key that the back of a person on vent in the sides of a garment changes, general component leaves for sheet vent in the sides of a garment, double a vent in the sides of a garment and do not have vent in the sides of a garment 3 kinds.
Wear odd suit opening vent in the sides of a garment to appear bodily form is slender, give a person with guarding cultured sense. But avoid by all means is in buckle on the both hands when button inserts bag, such in front it is very handsome, but from the back hard to avoid can expose his body. This although guard, but become the popularity this year extremely possibly.
Double attend a meeting vent in the sides of a garment to make you “ curve ” appears in all, the activity rises to also go to the lavatory very, but measure of avoid by all means is too stringent, otherwise, too big hip circumference meets those who make vent in the sides of a garment true become “ to open fork ” .
Do not have vent in the sides of a garment a bit more contemporary, appropriate measure can make it very handsome, troublesome is, unlock had better buckle the suit when sitting, a plait can be placed after your suit certainly otherwise.
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