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Marry the process is all of gift gift borrow see

Bridal, no matter be in at all times and in all over the world, be considered as the great gift in life gift gift. But know a Gu Jin to its big different.

The ancients thinks, familial the continuance with blood relationship, it is to do junior to not allow the important task of shirk, namely alleged “ is disobedient have 3, big ” is after notting have, accordingly, the ceremony the yin and yang of sex men and women, marriage that produces male offspring is put in a very significant position.
Wedding and marital system have close tie, reflected the civilized Jiaohua rate of people from a flank. Each people of the ancestor of the Chinese nation that gives priority to body with the Han nationality and world is same, the level of random marriage, group marriage has been experienced in original period, after entering civilized society take one husband basically one wife marital form.

First bridal form about only then at primitive society evening, from according to legend only then of Yu Fuxi times be engaged “ with couple skin (didymous deerskin) the ” that it is a ceremony gradually gradual progress, greet in person to the “ when Xia Shang at hall ” , the complete “ that has to Zhou Dai again 6 ceremonies ” , preliminary already the foundation that laid our country traditional wedding. Experience acting development again, make various marriage formal section more hasten overelaborate, enthusiastic.

Shew and character, bridal large reduction of a fraction is our country tradition the ceremony before marriage, the ceremony after bridal, marriage 3 phase.

The ceremony before marriage is plan in marriage, the part of a few appearance that preparative phase place holds.

First Qin Shi, include accept to collect, ask name, accept auspicious, accept is asked for, please period 5 kinds (add when wedding greet in person, namely 6 ceremonies of so called “ ” ) , offspring evolves gradually again piece urge makeup, send makeup, the instrument division such as shop room.

In archaic feudal society, marriage depends on the life of “ parents, the character ” of intermediary Shuo, accordingly, all instrument divisions of the ceremony before marriage, include to reach those who prepare formal wedding occasionally from choose a series of link, monopolize by the parent of parental both sides almost, the party of true marriage is eliminated instead outer.

Compare a woman because of the man's social class again exalted, accordingly, propose to also be with the man more active. Man parent wants to make for son get married get married, ask intermediary to make talk about a marriage to the bride's side first (call “ make known to lower levels ” ) , if the bride's side accepted this marriage, begin to undertake accept is collected, ask a series of appearance such as the name the red-letter day.

Accept collects: It is the first pace that male orientation woman proposes formally.
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