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Newly-married swallow Er, learn psychology to adjust

Newly-married swallow Er, from cheesy lone noble, enter group of two the world, the life can produce very big change. It is before marriage before the flowers and below the moon Qing Qing I, be deeply attached to each other; May be faced with immediately after marriage daily necessaries, honest. After honeymoon, husband and wife of a few newly-married is met the in imagining the life " from on wings falls " arrives the ground, produce certain psychological exhaustion to feel, lose feels and feel emptily.

To make marriage more perfect, need from skill of each respect put to good use, undertake psychology is adjusted in time, make the " appeal " between husband and wife never ebbs.

Openness gets along
Love is one kind makes a person strenuous up force. Accordingly, openness answers to get along between husband and wife, accomplish each other to respect each other love, mutual keep an eye on, send a gift than giving so joyfuller.

Often communicate

Often should sit to compare notes between husband and wife, communication thought, pour out the joy in him heart and difficulties that one is reluctant to mention come out. Be in especially adversity when, what need most is the family member's solace.

Respect the character trait of the other side

A pair of couples, even if green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, still have respective disposition feature. An understanding wife or husband, should respect the character trait of the other side. Such, marriage is not a kind of confine, can develop the respective character trait, home that can depend on the warmth that love each other again adequately already however.

The society is enduring

Tolerance should learn between husband and wife, get angry when the other side or give out when provoking signal, had better take the kind of tolerance and escape, or be considerate ground understands its reason, in order to help disengagement, and the effect that does not suffer mood of the other side, make oneself are in a mood abominable condition.

Assume chore actively

After marrying, needing the major issue that arranges jointly is not little, but more daily bagatelle that are fuel. The equal association expression that husband and wife concerns is in of housework partake jointly on, assume one share of housework actively, it is the incorporate that the husband cherishs wife, wife to show consideration for the husband.

Humorous law

Be in proper when, open a fun properly, very naturally cooks an antic, break nervous atmosphere with laugh, change undesirable mood.

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