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Grail chooses style of square of store wedding things
Marriage gauze photography decides case happiness time

In bridal things square, new people also need not go store of photography of all marriage gauze to undertake comparative again, there is extraordinary portrait shop, Nong Nong here photography of glamour marriage gauze, inferior the stage city such as guild hall of bride of graceful Ni number is famous building of marriage gauze shadow, style of each shadow building each different, satisfied the need of different people of a new type. Walk into inferior guild hall of bride of graceful Ni number, thick Europe type color shows romantic Parisian amorous feelings, the table column of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, luxurious sofa, in your lifetime will be being witnessed here the most beautiful the happiest hour, on the red carpet that goes in Ou Shirou soft, the about princess and prince story when letting childhood is shown faultlessly, from rise right now care somewhat in the heart, the shot of Ni comes Rangyaman record this momently wonderful with look forward to.

Photography of gauze of marriage of you you glamour is in stage city is already thorough popular feeling, it is in river of any of several hot spice plants, face bridge of the sea, road, Huang Yan to all open a branch, in bridal things square, new people can find its beautiful image as before, walk into store of image of photography of gauze of marriage of you you glamour, orderly ground is arranging the marriage gauze with gorgeous colour inside, romantic atmosphere of spring head on and come. The marriage gauze that says here according to the girl in inn is OK and rental, OK also and retail, value is in 400—4000 yuan differ, new in this image store people can book program of marriage gauze photography, undertake filming to road bridge branch.

Brand gem witnesses love story

Plunging drop is one of essential elements in wedding, circulate in ancient Greek mythology, the heart of the person's ring finger and person is linked together, only ring ability encircles the heart of the other side. The design of brand gem headgear in bridal things square is unique, category is rich, it is the choice with new best people. These gem headgear all without exception that showing Yi Yi brilliance are affecting the heartbeat of new people. Regard the “ aircraft carrier of industry of stage city jewelry as ” , “ bank is owned here emperor of Buddhist of ” of go smoothly of spring of Hong Kong of ” of Fan Ni ” , “ Di Xin, “ , “ abstruse the well-known trademark such as ” , witnessing the love story of new people eternity.

Fashionable household makes delicate newly-married live

Love her to give her best, marriage celebrated square to offer all sorts of fashionable and novel household articles for use, have love to should have grade life more, before the French window of the wet below the imagination, how red goblet foils of love perfect; The marriage that imagines adornment anew bridal chamber, how does chic without a warmth wall lamp build the atmosphere of newly-married. Take her to walk into bridal things square, imagining prospective warmth hut together decorate with all sorts of detail, use life of flower art deck, encircle a dream about the home with soft luxurious sofa. Marriage celebrate square to have ” of elegant Ka Di of ” of beautiful family property of heart of “ Hong Kong, “ the brand such as high-grade furniture is monopolistic, still set the brand shop of household articles for use such as all sorts of things that defend bath, cuisine things, bedding, ” of “ diversiform house and ” of home of appropriate of · of “ Ou Shang. Stroll about is in marriage celebrate square, leave forever the business of preparatory wedding and exhaustion.
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