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Choose avoid of marriage gauze appropriate
1. neck short or double chin
Appropriate: V word is gotten or the circle gets design, match line to grow necklace, show humeral pattern.
Avoid: Tall collarband or look forward to get design, match annular necklace, match the marriage gauze of turndown coat.

2. shoulder wide horizontal stroke
Appropriate: Without sleeve design, avoid to use humeral pad.
Avoid: V word is gotten or the circle is gotten, fine narrow aglet marriage gauze.

Inclined or 3. shoulder is gaunt
Appropriate: Add type of humeral money advanced for sb to be paid back later, lienal sleeve of lantern sleeve or sheep, shoulder has decoration, like the ruffle, act the role of an edge to wait for gauze of broad aglet marriage.
Avoid: Without sleeve design, without the lantern sleeve design that the shoulder fills up, the low V word that fills up without the shoulder is gotten or the circle gets marriage gauze.

4. bosom is petty, compressed
Appropriate: Edge having pleat or ornamental design design are surrounded on, the upper part of the body uses simple sense to hold out the dress material of draw together, match gauze of short coat marriage, take the marriage gauze that the bosom fills up,
Avoid: Elegant of the upper part of the body, simple design, low collarband is designed, a rope for towing a boat of dress material of the upper part of the body is small, fill up marriage gauze without the bosom.

5. bosom is plump
Appropriate: Colour and lustre is dark dumb dress material, the upper part of the body is wide distant style, straight gauze design, collarband is spent in.
Avoid: Ablaze dress material, length is delayed to the necklace before the bosom, sleeve length comes bosom design, prothorax spends button design.

6. waist is short
Appropriate: Deserve to receive lumbar underwear, surround on tighten up, spin alvine line, the waist does not have special decoration design, match narrow design of line of waist of top rail, small waist, low V word.
Avoid: Broad waist band, alvine edge having pleat, waist have big bowknot, match asymmetry body bust, make bosom flagging.

7. waist is long
Appropriate: Princess design, match broad waist band, waist match big bowknot, place issueing an abdomen has plait side.
Avoid: Design of glyph of low V of small waist or lumbar line reachs thin waist band.

8. buttock is big
Appropriate: Can match a shoulder to fill up in order to balance shirt line, skirt is placed use straight grain sutural, colour and lustre is dark dumb dress material, emphasize on the peak is decorated in order to change the line of vision.
Avoid: Ablaze dress material, the private parts uses horizontal grain ornamental design, match bustle, alvine place has plait side, buttock have a ruffle.

9. hip is compressed
Appropriate: Alvine reach hip to have plait side, buttock have bowknot or ornamental design, flashy dress material, hip or ham have crapy pattern.
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