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Beautiful tooth newly-married " emergency treatment "
Recommend the way of 4 kinds of beautiful white teeth, the fastest a hour, the longest want two weeks only, you can have the tooth of a bright Li Meibai.

Blanch ——1 the hour gets effective
Asking dentist to help you have dental beauty is the fastest in vain with the most convenient way. Inside a hour, your tooth can bleach 5-8 grade, the effect can be as long as 1 year basically continuously. Of course, this depends on greatly the tooth that how you protect you, want to avoid to drink too much coffee or smoking for instance.

Beautiful tooth process: Dentist should cover candle of a protection for your gum first; Plant toward the Tu Yi on your tooth next colloid thing, this kind of medicaments is contained commonly of 24% cross oxidation hydrogen; Undertake illuminate to it with a kind of special light finally. The dentistry clinic with this average project can be accomplished.

Aching index: Perhaps you can have a few slight unwell, have tooth of eat by moth when you especially when. Be like bring into contact with of pectic form substance your gum, also can feel uncomfortable. The person of about 30% can produce the situation with sensitive tooth in this process, but all metropolises became good inside 1 day.

Malpractice: You are incontrollable white rate of the tooth, after everything is finished, you discover your tooth becomes super and ghastly likely! And, this kind of method also cannot produce effect to having the tooth of the disease. If you are tetracycline tooth or it is transmissibility becomes angry, the effect won't be so apparent, although was blanched at that time, a few month hind often can restore customary facial expression again.

Referenced price: 500-800 yuan

Small area repairs ——2 the hour gets effective

Solve problem and the people that have small drawback only as soon as possible to those wanting for, the method that small area repairs is good. You need to go only clinic can complete all programs 1 times, the effect can maintain 5-7 about year.

Beautiful tooth process: After the place that dentist repairs in affirmatory need and volume figure, can besmear on your tooth on one sort seems the matter of enamel; Undertake illuminate consolidate to it with special light next; Finally, come a few it is OK to burnish!

Aching index: With the porcelain that bake, means of this kind of cure won't bring what anguish to you.

Malpractice: Although this kind of method and photograph of the porcelain that bake are compared, bear fruit without latter and long, but for the person that has small drawback to those, it is right choice undoubtedly.

Referenced price: 80-100 yuan / tooth

Stick a ——1 week to get effective

The porcelain that bake is stuck piece it is the most advanced technology in dental hairdressing, can let a tooth become more beautiful according to your ideal mode. Because it is the flake cover in that support sticks outside the tooth originally tooth color, mix to tetracycline tooth so of transmissibility become angry effective.
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