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Marriage is registered ban with 5 kinds of photographs
Marry to media reported “ synthesizes a photograph to register recently meet with refus ” be related, registry office of marriage of citizen political situation stated synthesis is illuminated first yesterday, art is illuminated wait for 5 kinds of photographs to cannot be used at marriage to register. Civil administration bureau expresses about chief, group photo photograph is the serious content that the marital mechanism that register examines. To group photo photograph and synthetic photograph, she explains in detail say: “ group photo ought to be bilateral party is in the same time, same place, video picture that films jointly. The photograph that synthesis is illuminated is pair of two Zhang Huo above undertakes breaking up to pat or scan waiting for the picture after processing. Marry certificate coordinate is become clear but differentiate, must not use synthetic photograph, art to illuminate, marriage gauze is illuminated, the life is illuminated, stage photo. ”

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