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Disease of the dread before marriage

Be about to marrier, clear from now on later the relation of two people can produce simple change. Love is free, want when to meet, and be together every day after marriage. During love, appointment can cancel when the mood is bad, oneself think what does. And after marriage criterion otherwise, although the mood is bad, also must go to work, earn money raise the home, after coming home, still must cook, buy food, wash a bowl to wash child of the dress, education. People marriage is to satisfy affection need, gender need, stable need the need that Ji Chuanzong accepts era. Marrying is a kind of bond, from now on the job that two people want to should do its, assume responsibility, do one's duty, nature also should pay fair price.

As a result of the angle transition that faces after the marriage before afore-mentioned marriage, the contrast of lifestyle, when causing one part person to be about to enter marital hall, generate adventitious of a kind of ascertain, indescribable worry to his prospective life state.

Generally speaking, below the angst before a few kinds of people produce exceeding marriage easily:

Without the person of sense of responsibility and responsibility ability. Those individual character the men and women that strong, viability differs immature, dependence, to coming matrimony, produce nervous angst move easily. Psychology thinks, the person that fulfills matrimony must have the adult rate that comparative and sense of responsibility, need has the capacity that stated reason thinks and deals with the life. And those count another person blindly, humanness conducts oneself in society the person with completely resigned revulsive feeling, often be reluctant to leave the love that is not expected to perform duty period, and generate worry to entering marital period.

Excessive to marital contradiction and conflict worry person. On spirit and feeling, always some of person is belonged to sensitive model. The contradictory conflict that they appear possibly to matrimony shifts to an earlier date worry rises, this part person or be on bad terms by parental marriage the influence of the shadow, or it is to see all round marital cracked example, or already be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears the view of the sepulchral ” that “ marriage is love, it is good to produced a kind of “ consequently the flower is seldom leave, good view is seldom anxious before the marriage of ” .

Live to the freedom before marriage too the person that “ gets used to ” , this kind of person already was used to footloose life, once marry,they worry, the independence that can lose oneself, freedom is spent, contractible close even oneself social circle, depress them to the likelihood consequently the marriage that at present a variety of psychology are about to beg, produce a kind of scared move not self-consciously.

Feel anxious person to will entering marital hall, had better stay to oneself have a paragraph of sufficient time, will undertake proper psychology is adjusted. Include to make clear oneself anxious place, choose answered strategy according to the problem. Can listen to newly-married to coach lecture or read book of this reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects, OK also study master a few specific life mastery of a skill or technique, with communicate more between the lover, marriage have a youthful look is arranged alive and imagine especially. When worry person begin to deal with and be changed, is not mere sink when worry is helpless, mood condition just is changed likely.
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