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How does new personality coordinate cameraman work
Marry to be an important matter of life, likely you had made the most sufficient preparation. But I want to remind you with the identity of cameraman of wedding of a profession: Of the photograph filming is all in all, need newlywed person cooperate, what because be met so,matter to a picture directly is perfect. Before marrying, you may have attended the wedding of many friends, more or less does be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears also know the program that a few wedding film. But each wedding is not just the same, especially individuation is outstanding today, so of cameraman film as important segment its position is highlighted with respect to You Xian. Present cameraman team celebrates a company to have besides large and normal marriage outside assuring, other it is spare photography lover more, the level is uneven, good and evil people mixed up. Regard a profession as bridal cameraman, I ask to have rigorous working program not only, film rigorously concoctive book, return those who need friend of broad new personality to cooperate, here I am told tell face watch for a chance, what should new personality notice?
Above all, new personality should notice to rest with Morpheus, before the appears in camera camera lens with such can only bouncy ability. Marry that day, bridegroom is the most painstaking person, when I marry in those days have experience greatly! Ah! Receiving close process begin from bridegroom home, bridegroom and partner man should comply with adequately the arrangement of cameraman and bring into play, because the job of cameraman and cameraman differ somewhat,this is, need to catch already pat want again for the picture beautiful and position of arrangement new personality, the photograph is the instant is not successive (photograph picture) , cannot editing and rearrangement, want so in cutty the capture inside the hundreds of time of 1/0 arrives your most beautiful smile, this is very tall to the requirement of cameraman technology. Bridegroom is filming cravat of transhipment of through cargo, department, clad when waiting for camera lens, want to maintain good mood, both neither wants “ affectation ” , want to have camera lens feeling again, note the position of camera lens at any time. Need films when the photograph that chats with parents, with parents stand the position with 45 degrees optimal, facilitating cameraman can pat bilateral expression. When conversation, bridegroom should be loosened euqally when peace, must not cause expression because of insecurity curt. Walk cameraman must let be in front in the process, keep slow as far as possible fast advancement, still but the face brings a smile arm of beck of brandish of Xiang Jing head, remember: Not curt! After getting on a car, can shake get off window, face camera lens to state out is believed, the demeanour of regnant the world and sedate appearance can behave the beauty of a man most! If be to drive open canopy racing bike oneself, be about to notice the direct of cameraman at any time. Because head car distance is photographed,meet those who affect motorcade film like the far and near of the car the effect. Arrived when bridal home call at the door to be let in, the angle with the door is 45 degrees, do not bend over to go up in the door, the hand holds a flower in both hands not to hold off pectoral flower and face, when giving red package tall not low, do not fill in from underground, such can convenient cameraman film even happy word together into camera lens, expression also can be shown come out. Of bride and little sisters it is very important also to cooperate, cameraman needs to carry advancement to be communicated into gate and bride before bridegroom takes the door sometimes, should film of the bride calm makeup according to, at this moment ten million wants to open the door!
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