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Ai Di - Murphy takes marriage when trifling matter marriage two week hind divorc
" character " the magazine reports 16 days, comedian Ai Di - Murphy already was mixed marry only two weeks newly-married wife is special bud on the west - Aidemeng parts company, before two weeks, they just just were in Ni Xiya of French Bo benefit held royal wedding.

On January 1, main actor " Shi Lai captures an eccentric person " and " the young woman that pursue a dream " Aidemeng is in Murphy and film producer Bolabola island (be fond of on a near BoraBora) private isle. According to American law, husband and wife two need hold a ceremony in American churchyard, ability considers this paragraph of marriage lawful.

But Murphy of 46 years old and Aidemeng of 40 years old tell in a statement " character " magazine, they won't be done in that way, and two people already decided or become a good friend. This statement says: "After consider repeatedly and discussing, we had decided jointly, we won't hold a wedding again, because had not been necessary,will decide our marriage concerns further. Although be in recently,the symbolistic wedding that the island holds Bolabola represented us love deeply between each other, but go up in mental level we are relations of a kind of friend actually, mutual respect, we already decided to continue friend. We already decided to continue friend..

2006, murphy and the Er of wife Ni division that marry 13 years divorce. They have 5 children. Last year, he and one of members of hot younger sister Mei Lanni - Bulangsheng is next daughter, but be born till the child the ability after 4 months admits father daughter concerns. Last year, dust heart cheats as happy as blue diapason singer to hold music writer concurrently " baby face " Kennisi - Aidemeng parts company. They have two sons.

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