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The expert announces marriage " happy recipe "
How to hold the secret of marital happiness? The expert teachs your 8 big “ to last art ” . Chen Xinxin of deputy researcher of institute of the Women's Federation of expert of marital family problem, whole nation says, marriage is one is caressed ceaselessly, construction, updated process, good marriage has certain regulation, if can abide by marital regulation to handle affairs, can make marriage retains opportunity of survival and love, if cannot abide by marital regulation, although the foundation is again good marriage, be destroyed likely also.

Defeat the urticant ” that solves marital “ 7 years:  

Regular one: Want him love to mix perfect oneself ceaselessly. The place with your lovely oneself attracts conjugal place just about,
Believe oneself value, respect oneself desire and requirement, do a complete person, is not whose half. Want to obtain the unity of explicit beauty and immanent beauty through perfecting his ceaselessly, ability holds the appeal with long constant.   

Regular 2: Choose a partner of one's own accord. The secret of success that finds true love depends on oneself, it is the tie that wants the love that stems from a heart, is not the pressure by force of the family, alleviate the need that alone feeling, economy lives, society is inherent of lifestyle from numerous behavior.   

Regular 3: Conclude marriage marriage cannot be accomplished in one move, construction marriage also should last all one's life. Should experience “ to get an electric shock to marriage by love ” , exploration, evaluation, establish the level such as affinity, mutual acceptance, it is the course that a need gives patient, resource and technical ability.   

Regular 4: Both sides of husband and wife should grow jointly. Husband and wife brings new knowledge for the other side each other, each other help the other side disentomb latent capacity, surmount oneself, get along with the person below more mature state of mind. Should have between husband and wife share, patient, appreciate, admit and excuse consciousness.   

Regular 5: The society is communicated and negotiate. Without good communication, spouse concern is carrying a paragraph to be full of the brokenhearted brigade of bemused, conjecture and misunderstanding with respect to empty like vessel, compare seemingly in harmony but actually at variance without what more let a person feel aching. Communicate make the other side understands you what to have need, desire, change and experience, this is husband and wife maintains the important pattern with expedite, active relation each other.  

Regular 6: When marriage faces a challenge, face the life jointly. Both sides of husband and wife should be interactive, harmonious, help each other. When a person is flimsy, another person should help his adamancy rise, overshoot difficulty. Want to establish mechanism of a life, make a spouse collective share your success and affliction.   
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