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From the outfit that survey the home the effect has clever court

Conduit: 1, put a valve with be apart from recently, least interface is a standard, the canal wants personally flat and orderly, bend and hand in less as far as possible fold; 2, indoor and all with copper pipe, hot water uses the copper pipe that include glue, enter the water to be in charge of with PVC, interface should use waterproof adhesive plaster; 3, installed surface basin and sit the face should be reached to the level 4; 4, install bibcock or mask should include a tool with cloth, cannot bang up bibcock and fittings, forbid to use hammer direct energetically knock; 5, kitchen, toilet should have floor drain; 6, installation ends should try water.

Floor: 1, burnish floor wants flowing, cannot appear indentation and scratch, corner office should use burnish machine burnish; 2, the floor should use ground candle oil 3 times at least; 3, when laid quadrilateral obligate millimeter room, use cover of sealing side of lower margin line next; 4, wooden floor should make a copy with splint, board bottom should be put have greaseproof or plastic film, and quadrilateral obligate room.

Ceramic tile: 1, bricky face should be set smooth, angle wants accurate, interface wants pair of lines; 2, ceramic tile is soggy before use half days; 3, toilet ground should have proper inclined plane, cannot seeper; 4, clean white cement should be brushed with cany silk after ceramic tile interface sweeps white cement, floodwater on low-lying land of dirt having water cannot take on bricky face; 5, after floor tile pave is over, should wait with chipboard cover bricky range, just can be after distant hour at least on bricky face walk.

Wall paper: 1, waterproof oil is brushed first after the wall, want burnish to all over, every all use all burnish of size sand paper, aperture must be repaired instantly, do not see with the flesh protruding wall is sunken soon, with the hand feeling is a standard without big sunken big protruding; 2, wall paper touchs a mouth to want accurate stick take, without bubbly, be opposite by the regulation flower, with sharp cut, cannot trimming tears off a phenomenon.

Paint: 1, exterior color is shining and correct, even, flowing close degree, without tear, heavy panel, fully bottom, bubbly wait for a circumstance; 2, paint border is flat and orderly, not oily outside; 3, wall body approves ash not to see protruding piece is sunken, corner level off. Board with board, board the interface with the wall, all should stick after adhesive plaster to approve ash; 4, emulsioni paint is in light of rice distance, should disappear sweep mark; 5, nog is chromatic want accurate, flowing; 6, do not brush paint in damp weather as far as possible.

Additional, slippery level off of Ying Guang of woodiness board face, without broken pieces of dig mark, prop and burr, graph lines is distinct, paint facing color agrees equably, aperture rigor, contact position is stagger, the surface is clean, juncture is flat upright and foursquare. In felt respect, want felt firm, the surface the clean, glue that do not have excessive, floor piece is arranged reasonable and beautiful. Juncture rigor, the surface is slick level off, juncture is arranged reasonable and beautiful, make smooth reading is flat, cut corner accurate. Wooden floor is very hot hard candle, brush soft candle, candle to asperse cloth to have should even not show-through, smooth and bright, colour and lustre is consistent.
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