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The basic knowledge that decorate

One noun defeats solution one by one:

1 glazed pottery: Surface pointing to a brick burns the ceramic tile of layer having glair. Cent of this kind of brick is two kinds big: Use argil fire, because bibulous rate is higher and must burn glair, the intensity of this kind of brick is inferior, commonly used will regard a wall as the brick. Use rarely now. Another kind uses porcelain clay fire, to go after adornment the effect also burned glair, structure of this kind of ceramic tile compact, intensity is very tall, bibulous rate is inferior, fight corrupt the gender is strong, the price is more tallish than the ceramic tile of argil fire. The glazed pottery of porcelain clay fire, use extensively at present decorate at the family, the purchaser that has 80 % serves as the ground to decorate material with this kind of ceramic tile. Differentiate the hang of these two kinds of bricks is very simple: The ceramic tile backside of argil fire is gules, the bricky backside of porcelain clay fire is white. In the ceramic tile that uses argil fire, the wall floor tile that Spain produces decorates the effect distinctly because of its, be in Beijing at present very be current, but the price of this kind of brick is higher, use family of Yu Zhonggao archives to decorate commonly.

2 body brick: This is a kind not the porcelain qualitative brick of glaze, have very good skid resistance and wearability. General what we say " prevent slippery floor tile " , it is the brick that open system for the most part. As a result of moderate of price of this kind of brick, love so by consumer. Among them " ooze flower connects body brick " beautiful decorative pattern, make a person fondle admiringly more.

3 polish brick: The brick that open system makes polishing brick after classics polish, the hardness of this kind of brick is very tall, so special wear-resisting.

4 Bo change a brick: This is the porcelain qualitative brick of fire of a kind of high temperature, it is the hardest kind in all ceramic tile. Sometimes when polishing brick is blown to give nick, bo changes a brick safe and sound still. But the price of this kind of brick is higher.

It has the following advantage:

1, color is gorgeous and subdued, without clear off color.

2, high temperature agglomeration, complete porcelain is changed made a variety of crystal such as Molaishi, manage changes function stability, anti-corrosive. Wear-resisting.

3 ply are opposite thinner, fight lose strength tall, bricky body is deft, building loading decreases.

4 without harmful element.

55, fight fold intensity to be more than 45Mpa

Its defect:

The only drawback that Bo changes a brick is classics burnish hind, wool stoma is exposed outer, the easy infiltration such as smeary, dirt. Good appearance is made before some products leave factory anti-fouling processing, block wool stoma up dead, make contamination does not send infiltration. But the manufacturer that is not this kind of all products has this the path is anti-fouling the working procedure of processing. When shop outfit is used, pay no attention to, can produce the situation with full of stains or spots smear. We often see many TX ask, how to produce the Bo with full of stains or spots smear to change a brick to do? Should know smeary permeate go in, should clearing completely clean is very difficult. It is clear that consumer should ask when buy, did not do anti-fouling the Bo of processing changes a brick in use wants to wax, general floor wax is OK. Face of brick of the injury in avoiding construction is before the shop is installed, the article that uses the not easy decolour such as textile bag has covered bricky range. When you are using Bo to change a brick, cannot anxious to get things on the cheap, if use, is inferior Bo changes a brick, that is to spend money to buy a blame to suffer.
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