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Sweet marriage room is decorated what should notice

One, appropriate activity space is large

The night of newly-married, let Qi You kissing friend be troubled by bridal chamber to have enough mobile space. But if be,live together with parental elder, cannot take big room merely blindly and ignore them. Possible sentence, can allow big room to them in order to express filial, incorporate two lesser rooms for bridal chamber, form of less than door isolates two houses, one gives priority to a bedroom, another is the Baby room that recieve cater-cousin or serves as future.

   2, southeast appropriate to

The tradition thinks on the west to bad, because inclined heat is mixed on the west meaning head is endless good, but there was air conditioning now, do not have on azimuth choice strict in that way before, with respect to meaning head, southeast to optimal still choice.

   3, attune of appropriate warm color

Bright red big violet the festival color that is Chinese tradition, if newly-married room uses red carpet or gules chimney, can let atmosphere of the newly-married inside the room be able to spread, let a person maintain newly-married affection of that good intention.

   4, appropriate love testimony

To make newly-married more classical and romantic, resemble besides pensile newly-married, OK still install uniquely " classical corner " , love when a few hard beneficence of the photograph of dismiss from one's mind, each other tastes a decoration one time, perhaps let a friend write the Shi Wen of newly-married of a few souvenir to make decoration with, reflect higher culture grade.

  5, appropriate puts a plant

The plant with choice more tenacious vitality lest temporarily scanty at attending with respect to wither, destroy newly-married festive atmosphere.

   The 5 avoid that bridal chamber decorates

One, avoid furniture is too big, too much

Such meeting activating spaces decrease, yi Lingren generates depressive sentiment.

2, avoid bed body is opposite door or window

Such both neither are elegant also go against health, because air convection can be blown directly,reach human body, easy catch a cold.

3, use inside avoid room blue, black wait for cold tonal 

Because this is likely,not agree with with traditional festive atmosphere.

4, avoid newly-married gift full set out comes out

It is OK to furnish 9 to serve as an ornament selectively, and change everyday the decoration can have strange feeling constantly.

5, avoid is cultivated cuting, have the plant with angular arris

Because person of bridal chamber contact is very much, meet carelessly a bit by their cut. Meet carelessly a bit by their cut..

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