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Household decorates quality to check and accept a standard
1.1 decorate the market for normative home bedroom, raise domestic bedroom to decorate project quality, maintain consumer interest, formulate this standard.

1.2 standards apply to average household to reside the quality of interior decoration project to check and accept.

Quality of project of domestic bedroom interior decoration checks and accept appropriate grading to undertake, do good basic level and take cover engineering to check and accept first along with engineering construction schedule, undertake facing and complete are checked and accept again.

Consider average household normative to the project understanding is less, lack detect tool, the standard is given priority to with specification of qualitative, range estimation, character, facilitating resident masters, for domestic bedroom adornment project quality is checked and accept provide a basis.

Design of illuminative of 1.3 families bedroom and construction are divided outside should according with this standard, shang Yingfu adds up to the country, industry, concerned safety with the place, fire prevention, environmental protection, building, electric, regulation that waits for active standard, standard to catchment.

1.4 contract to do a job unit of design of domestic bedroom illuminative, construction, should have aptitude certificate and business charter, construction personnel should hold card mount guard by the regulation, light tracheal path to must be installed by the unit that has aptitude of installation burning gas among them.

Adornment of 1.5 families bedroom should assure to build structural safety, forbidden tear open change and damage main body mixes bearing structure:

1, must not go up in main wall, aseismatic wall punch;
2, must not enlarge mouth of original door an opening in a wall arbitrarily;
3, must not increase floor load arbitrarily;
4, do not get area of mesa of aleatoric fill, Jia Houyang;
5, do not get building of aleatoric authentic get rid of, roof;
6, must not remove the wall below the window that carries the balcony to go up.

Involve a construction main body and bearing the adornment project with fluctuant structure, should unit of classics original design is written agree, put forward to devise plan by design unit. If domestic bedroom adornment needs to change catchment cop, heating establishment reachs establishment burning gas to wait, what must acquire branch tubal a room is written agree.

1.6 families bedroom decorates uses main data and equipment, answer to be chosen by design file and contract provision, product quality should accord with the regulation of relevant specification.

Wholesome appliance and conduit are installed

2.1 wholesome and implemental breed, norms, color should accord with the regulation that designs requirement and contract, tubal material, pipe fitting, clean is provided wait for product quality to should accord with active standard.
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